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Marketing your small business is an ongoing cycle.

Your business needs new inquiries. Without these, you’re limited to your existing customer base, which will naturally dwindle a little over time.

What if you had a system in place to attract the type of customer you want to work with, educated your prospective client, and positioned you as an expert that they want to hire?

This could be a phone call a contact form submission, an email opt-in, or a any number of other actions. The key is getting 'qualified' visitors to your site to commit further.

Successful lead generation requires a BOLD plan.

When these 3 services are combined your leads are turned into raving fans and referrers.

Your BOLD Growth Wheel can be customized by choosing one or multiple of the services below to just focus one that area of your online presence or combined it can help power your whole online presence. When you have a full BOLD Growth Wheel it can help you Attract website visitors and educate them with the Traffic Booster. Once you have educated them it is time to qualify and convert those leads with the Lead Engine. Once you have converted that lead into a customer it is time to delight them with an onboarding email using the last phase of the Lead Machine. Once you have provided the service or product they purchased it is critical to take that raving fan and use their great experience to share with others using the Review Magnet.

200413 Growthpage Trafficbooster

Traffic Booster

The Internet has changed dramatically over the last decade. Thousands of new websites are created every single day. Unless you have a hyper-specific product or service and you're the only company in the world offering it - you will need an SEO strategy to generate traffic.

Let's implement a BOLD plan to drive traffic to your website!

200413 Growthpage Leadmachine

Lead Machine

Not all website traffic is created equal. Not all visitors to your website are potential customers. You need to determine which ones are. An effective lead engine allows you to qualify visitors providing an opportunity to focus your time and effort while maximizing results.

We build BOLD lead generation systems to qualify customers. 

200413 Growthpage Reviewmagnet

Review Magnet

Reviews are “social proof”. Third-party (your customers) statements attesting to the quality of your products or services. Customer reviews and testimonials are one of the strongest forms of social proof. Reviews and testimonials are the best form of 'currency' your brand can earn. 

Be BOLD and have a plan to get those reviews!

Let's Build Something Bold Together!

Start your journey today.

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