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Reputation Management Bellingham WA

A potential new customer to your business doesn’t know, like or trust you… yet.

How do you get them to trust you? Traditionally it takes about 5-8 touch-points to build trust with a potential new customer. 

It starts with the first thing that a potential new customer will see. That will normally be your website. There are a number of transparency/credibility items that you can include on your website, such as having clear and visible contact information to build trust. The best way to build trust, though, are reviews from your existing customers. These are genuine comments from real people who have used your products or services, 

Reviews matter. Think about how you purchase a product or service, particularly on the Internet. The number of reviews and the quality of these reviews can make a big difference to your purchasing decision. 

You need a BOLD in place to request, capture, and manage reviews reviews.

Make getting reviews easy!

Capture Online Customer Reviews


Save time and money with a simple, robust, and actionable solution. Get the tools you need to monitor, request, capture, and analyze feedback, reviews, and ratings all in one place.

Manage Online Customer Reviews


Features, tools, and reports so you can learn from, manage, and respond to your customers. Receive notifications, read and respond to feedback and reviews, share reports and insights. 

Showcase Online Reviews


Fuel your marketing with customer-generated content. Showcase reviews for SEO benefits of enhanced search results to drive more website traffic and win new customers.

Listening to your customers builds a better business

Customer Management

Upload customers and manage profiles, activity, feedback, and reviews

Customer Experience

Multi-channel collection of NPS, surveys, feedback, and reviews

Reputation Management

Request and manage 1st- and 3rd-party reviews.

Response Management

Reply to 1st- and 3rd-party reviews publicly or privately.

Net Promoter Score® (NPS)

Core measurement for customer experience management.

Powerful Reports

There are multiple types of reports to measure your success.

Review Widget

Display reviews on your website with Google review schema to impact SEO.

Conversion Pop-up

Neatly displays reviews on your site for social proof.

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