Why content marketing is important

Posted on January 13, 2020 by Bold Eye Media

In digital marketing today, everyone’s talking about content marketing.

When you think of marketing, advertising your products or services might be what mostly comes to mind. That’s a big part of it, of course, but content marketing is different. In the online world, not having good content is a recipe for failure. Think of an appliance without a power source, a car without an engine, a flashlight without a battery, and so on. Without what makes them run, they don’t do anything.

Content includes text, graphics, videos, and interactive features on your website. It makes your website appealing because it provides important information and tools for users. For instance, it can do more than describe what you do or what you sell. Content can promote your branding, tell your story, introduce your team, educate your audience, and more. In other words, it individualizes and personalizes your site, and by extension your business, giving customers a reason to stay, to purchase, and to return.

In essence, content adds value by attracting and retaining customers. Customer loyalty is one of the Holy Grails of business because it creates stability and generates expansion.

Let’s look more closely at several reasons why content marketing is so important for your website and your business.

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    Why Content Marketing Is Important

    Your Visitors Have an Opportunity To Learn

    A lot of businesses are offering products and services that most people really don’t know that much about. That makes them less likely to commit if they don’t have a clear understanding of what you’re offering or why it’s important.

    Take a landscaping company listing things like aeration, decorative curbing, or deep-root fertilization as among the services they offer. Or a banking website or legal firm doing the equivalent. You get the picture, right?

    Sure, you can encourage people to call or email with their questions, but there are at least a couple of drawbacks to that. First, not everyone likes to do that, so there go some sales. Second, it takes time for employees to do that, time they could be using more productively if potential customers know most of those answers beforehand.

    So look at your website as an opportunity to inform your audience. Many websites use blog posts, FAQs, learning centers, and the like to anticipate and answer questions, define their services, share tricks of the trade, discuss trending topics, and more.

    Because some of that content may stay relevant for a long time, it can also keep working for you.

    When your audience has a better sense of what you do and who you are, your audience is more likely to make the shift from viewer to customer.

    Content Projects Authority and Credibility

    Let’s piggyback off the previous point. All that informative content you post sends some other important messages.

    One is that you are an expert, maybe even a leader, in your industry. Any lawn-care company can provide a quote for mowing the lawn and cleaning up the yard. However, a lawn-care company that can explain why it’s better to hire a professional and what the consequences of improper lawn care are is more likely to convince a visitor that they’re not just charging you to do what you can do yourself if you feel like it.

    Another important message is that if visitors have the impression that you are an authority in your industry, you’re also conveying a message of credibility and trust.

    Finally, all that great content shows that you are passionate about what you do. All that work you put in sends a signal of true dedication. People will be more likely to assume that you bring the same levels of passion and dedication to the work you do. And people passionate about what they do typically do a better job of it.

    ” Content authority is an established methodology where research doesn’t simply provide what to write to fulfill the demand for content about your products and services online, it’s the methodology to increase the effectiveness of that content over time. ”

    – martech.zone

    Content Improves Google Search Rankings

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is another big term these days. In short, it’s what you do to ensure that your website does well in search results so that you get more visibility.

    More people use Google than they do any other search engine. It’s therefore absolutely critical that your website is among the top results when people do web searches, especially since many people never look beyond the first page of results.

    Content is a huge part of your SEO because among other things, Google uses content in its algorithms to rank results. A good way to start is to come up with a list of trending keywords and other search terms. Then, build content around them and be sure to add plenty of CTAs (Calls to Action) such as “Buy Now,” “Put in My Basket,” “Get a Free Quote,” and more.

    Also, keep adding content. The more content, the better. The more content, the more people will see you and stay, and this will help you on Google as well.

    What Is Engaging Content

    Conversions Are Easier When You Have Great Content

    Now that you have solid content and plenty of CTAs, it’s time take a closer look and refine things. With the help of an expert team like the one here at Bold Eye Media, you can start to identify what’s working well, what could improve a little, etc. Then you make some tweaks. These changes might be small, but if they earn just a handful of new conversions, then they pay for themselves and that’s still a handful of customers you didn’t have before. As you make more and more revisions, always improving your content, then the benefits start to become a big deal.

    ” Your headline is the first thing readers notice about your blog post or landing page content. Whether or not the headline captivates them will likely determine if they continue reading the content, or bounce. ”

    – contentmarketinginstitute.com

    You Can Share Content on Social Media

    Maybe you haven’t noticed, but it seems as though just about everyone is on social media these days. This is an opportunity you can’t afford to waste!

    Making your content shareable on social media lets you and your customers broadcast who you are and what you do to a much wider audience. Facebook and Twitter lead the pack right now, but don’t forget you also have Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, and Tumblr. Businesses also use YouTube to good effect even though that’s technically not a social media site.

    Having accounts on multiple platforms and getting to know how those platforms work, who their users are, and what their users are interested in are great ways to promote your content.

    Leveraging Social Media In Your Small Business

    Your Content May Appear on Other Sites

    Businesses commonly post links to content on other sites. There’s a chance this will happen for your business, and every time it does, you reach more eyes. Links on other sites also factor into those Google search results we talked about, so they provide that additional benefit.

    Bold Eye Media Specializes in Content Creation and Refinement

    So content is key. It’s the driver for your SEO, for connecting with your audience, for establishing your reputation, and more.

    It’s also a lot of work and something you can’t get complacent about.

    Bold Eye Media is a leader in content and digital marketing, in SEO, in developing branding, and in designing websites. Our team will work closely with you to ascertain your needs and then build or refine as necessary. Don’t spend another day without your content working hard for you; contact us today!

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