5 methods for growing your E-Commerce Website

It has never been easier to get started with an E-Commerce store, yet many stores fail to generate enough sales and owners quickly lose faith giving up on their businesses.

A successful E-Commerce website is one that attracts, converts, and retains.

Getting customers to your store starts with a great website – one which attracts the right visitors turns them into customers, and then into repeat buyers.

Most e-commerce sites succeed in the first two. Retention is a weak spot. It’s also the most important. The higher your repeat purchase rate, the greater your Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). These loyal customers are worth more and they will promote you. They’ll drive other like-minded customers your way. 

Focusing on your relationship with your existing customers and retaining them needs to be a primary goal. Your marketing efforts and budget on selling need to gear to your existing customer base.

Your E-Commerce business needs loyal fans: People who are engaged with your business, love what you do and can’t wait to see what you launch next.

Whether you’re an existing E-Commerce website owner, you’ve just started or you’re still in the planning stages, it’s important that you get your strategy and marketing right to give your website the best chance of success.

An attractive website is the first step, but this alone will not bring you sales.


  • You need to make sure that your website and your offer is in front of your target audience. This should be where your audience uses the Internet. If they are predominantly on Facebook, you should make sure you’re visible there.
  • You need to make the process easy and smooth.
  • You need a system to capture lost opportunities.

Abandoned Carts.

70% of carts are abandoned on E-Commerce websites. ~ baymard.com

It seems like a crazy number, but you’ve likely accidentally contributed to this yourself when shopping online. It only takes a phone call, a pet causing mischief, a child running into the room, or a little extra time to make a purchasing decision.

Your customers will have distractions on a daily basis. If you’re not following up with their abandoned carts, then you’re leaving money on the table.

Our free guide is based on many years of experience in the E-Commerce industry.

We’ve covered five important areas that business owners skip over or forget about, which makes a significant difference in the number of sales you’re able to generate.

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