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Building and maintaining a website used to rely heavily on coding, and it wasn’t user-friendly for most businesses. Today, though, there is WordPress, and Bold Eye Media uses this platform to design great websites that also empower business owners to make easy changes and updates on their own.

We help Bothell-area small businesses develop customized websites that meet their needs and those of their customers. You get a team dedicated to helping your business establish a bold, effective presence online so you can keep focusing on what it is you do best.

As a result, your online visibility will be stronger, your lead generation and customer retention will increase, you’ll earn critical trust and loyalty from your customers, and your business will thrive and grow.

Benefits of Choosing Bold Eye Media For Your Bothell Website Design

As a Bothell Website Design Solution we’ll have you covered for the following and more:

  • Custom Responsive Website Development

    We’ve talked about this already, but it bears repeating that we’ll help you build a great-looking website that’s responsive to viewers and tailored to their interests, devices, and needs.

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  • WordPress Support and Easy Updates

    We’ll help you maintain and update the software running your website so that there are no security problems or breakdowns. You’ll also be able to make changes yourself to make sure that as the market and your business evolve, so will your website.

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  • Fast Website Hosting

    Speed is critical in today’s online climate, and we’ll ensure that you’re not losing business because of hosting and loading issues.

  • Keep up with the competition

    Copying the competition is always a bad idea because you might be labeled as a fake or an imitator, but watching what the competition is doing is always a great The ones who know what they’re doing are staying abreast of trends and other developments just as you are. They’re probably looking at you, and you should be looking at them so you can adjust your approach in order to stay on top of your market.

  • Quality Website Content

    Customers want clear, quality information on product pages. When writing content, it’s important to imagine the questions people might ask and make sure your descriptions answer them so they don’t go looking elsewhere. We can make sure your website does that.

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  • Google Analytics

    This enables you to evaluate what’s working and what isn’t, where the traffic is going, and how things are performing overall. With this, you have another tool for keeping your website effective and relevant.

  • Effective SEO Strategy

    Having a great website isn’t enough anymore. Search engine optimization is crucial now in order for a business to keep high in the rankings for search results. Keywords, trends, and algorithms are constantly changing, and we’ll help you develop a strategy that keeps you visible to the people you want to reach.

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  • Improve Lead Generation

    We’ll help you use other sites and/or our own strategies to not only expand your audience but also to generate more leads. The leads we’ll help you reach will also be more likely to convert. That’s because we know your audience and how to talk to them.

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