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Succeeding with SEO efforts can sometimes feel like putting together a jigsaw puzzle when you’re not sure you have all the pieces. Visibility is the key to success and you know that SEO is the key to visibility but you just don’t know how to get there.

Our SEO process guarantees that in just a few months we can turn your website’s SEO efforts around and produce results that you will be thrilled with.

Now is the time to be bold with your SEO to rank in searches, both on the internet and social media so you are found where your customers are looking.

Our Three SEO Paths

Our unique approach to fine-tuning your website’s Seach Engine Optimization involves evaluating and optimizing the three individual paths that can impact SEO: On-Page SEO, Content Marketing, and Link Building.


On-Page SEO

Our on-site SEO analysis will evaluate and optimize your existing website to make sure that you’re not currently missing any opportunities with your current content. It’s the first step to making sure your site is performing the way you need it to perform.


Content Marketing

Internet users are looking for ways to solve everyday problems. Your products and services can help them do just that. By creating content that’s optimized to the keywords that your customers are searching for every day, they will find you that much easier.


Link Building

The final way to perfect your website’s SEO is to ensure that other reputable sites are linking back to you, thereby passing their domain authority on to you. Google will rank your site higher if more third party sources link to you showing that you are a trusted site. 

SEO Booster Process

Search Engine Optimization Onboarding

Month 1: Onboarding

The first month will be onboarding and evaluating the wins and opportunities of your web presence. We take a look at your current on-site SEO, content marketing, and link back efforts to find what’s working and what’s not. At the end of the onboarding month we will create your growth roadmap to show you exactly how we will take you where you want to go.

Why take a whole month before creating any content or optimization? Because we need to know everything about your site before we start so that we are working in sync with you, your business, and goals.

Month 2-4: Foundation & Content

Now is when we get down and dirty in bringing your website up to par. We start by optimizing your website's technical on-page SEO to ensure that your foundation is solid and ready for growth.

After optimizing your foundation, we will jumpstart your blog with (2) optimized blog posts or pages to draw in visitors. Using keyword analysis and research, we will work with you to identify what keywords you need to hit to find the customers you want. After we know that, we get to work creating the content that will bring them right to your door.

Also during this time period, we will be optimizing your local SEO including your Google My Business, and other local business listings. Local search is the next big thing for small businesses. Research shows that customers searching locally are ready to buy and we want to make sure they find you first.

SEO Optimization and Content Marketing
SEO Link Building and optimization

Month 5-7: Authority

Once your site has been optimized and your content marketing efforts have been jumpstarted, we will begin to help you build authority through link back efforts. We will create 5-10 high-quality links per month resulting in at least 15 and as many as 30 high-quality link backs at the end of our process. We guarantee that these will be created through genuine link building outreach. We promise there will be zero low-value or black-hat links created through this process.

At the end of month seven (7), we will do a 6-month growth assessment meeting to see how successful our efforts have been throughout the previous seven months and assess what to focus on in the coming quarters.


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