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YOU NEED A HIGH-QUALITY WEBSITE YESTERDAY! With Quick Launch Websites, you can have one in the blink of an eye!

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Every business, organization, and entrepreneur these days needs a website. However, crafting a high-quality website tends to take time. At Bold Eye Media, we know that sometimes you just don’t have the time to wait for the magic to happen. Sometimes, you need that magic to happen NOW. That’s where our Quick Launch Websites come into play. This top-notch program will help you to launch the perfect website in just 30 days!

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The Quick Launch Website Process

Website Design Onboarding

Week 1: Onboarding

Onboarding is an essential component of the Quick Launch process. Onboarding gives us the opportunity to really get to know your brand and its mission. This is the part of the process where we gain insight and ideas, fuel for the fire of creativity.

If you’re using Quick Launch, you don’t just want any old website. You want an amazing website that is going to really pop out at your target audience. That’s why the onboarding process is so important. We need to understand the ins and outs of your brand, what makes you unique, and the tone that you want to exude.

It’s our goal to build you the perfect website in next to no time, and to do so, we need to know you!

Quick Website Design

Week 2: Design

After the onboarding process, our team will take all of the information and insight that we gathered about your brand and use it to carefully craft two unique website designs. We use our learned details, as well as your brand’s colors and logo, to expertly design websites that we feel best to represent you and your mission, as well as will appeal to your target market.

You get to choose between the two options. Pick the one that you think best represents your brand and the message that you want to share to the world. Your website is your brand’s voice piece to the world, so don’t hesitate to choose the one that really speaks to you.

Website Optimization

Week 3: Optimize

Oh optimization. What is a website without a focused and intentional push for optimization? We know how important it is that your website be optimized to achieve a high ranking and to appeal to your target market.

We take the website we designed for you and run it through rigorous testing in order to discover any problem areas and to prepare it for the launch. We want your website to encourage traffic, visitor retention, and conversion immediately, so we spend the time optimizing it for mobile, making it interactive and user-friendly, as well as giving it relevance.

Quick Launch Websites

Week 4: Launch

Once your website is designed and has passed the pre-launch quality assurance tests, you’re ready to launch. We launch your website and you get to spread the word!


Fast Website Design

Fast Launch

In just 30 days, you will have a high-quality website ready for traffic and helping you gain conversions. You don’t have to wait for your business to take off!

Website Design Process

Branded Website

You will choose from one of two designs that we craft for your unique brand. Your website will contain your chosen logo, colors, and voice, ensuring that you are able to promote your brand to your target market.

WordPress Website Backups

Fast Website Hosting

Our Premium Website Hosting is included in Quick Launch Website, ensuring your website is fast, optimized, and secure.

Website Software Updates

Software updates

You won’t need to worry about keeping your software updated. With Quick Launch Websites, we make sure that your website is always running on the latest software, with automatic updates. All updates are secure and keep the safety of your website and your customers safe.

Digital Marketing Reports

Robust Reports

Keeping track of your website’s analytics is essential for success. You need to know what aspects are working and which ones are not. You need to know what changes to make.

Website Nightly Backups

Nightly Backups

Don’t worry at all about your nightly backups. While you rest, we will ensure that your backups are completed.

Quick Launch Security


We will take care of monitoring your website uptime and security, giving you the peace of mind that your website is secure at all times.


Email Support Desk

We are available for you when you need us. Anytime you have a question, contact us through the email support desk. 


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