Whatcom County Fire District 7

Website Design For Fire Departments

Whatcom County Fire District 7 located in Ferndale, WA had an old website design that was not mobile-friendly. This presented challenges to Whatcom County residents, who struggled to access and navigate the site on their smartphones. Plus, the site featured an old-fashioned design and outdated content that did not reflect the Fire District’s brand and commitment to their community.

Bold Eye Media built a new responsive website design that loaded quickly and was easy to navigate. The new front page featured recent news, community alerts, and meeting notices to allow Whatcom County Fire District 7 to stay in touch with the community. A simple yet compelling design and layout made it easy to organize multiple alerts, videos, and links. Bold Eye Media focused on making the site user-friendly and engaging so that residents would be encouraged to explore it fully.

Not only can the Whatcom County Fire District 7 now be proud to send residents to their website, but they’re also better equipped to release important safety information and updates. Plus, residents can easily learn how to access CPR training or become a firefighter. The site combines a professional look with a user-friendly interface to best serve the Whatcom community. Descriptive menus and a clear organizational scheme allow community members to find exactly what they’re looking for. Bold Eye Media’s website design helps the Fire District promote a safer community.

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