Rava Property Group

Website Design For Real Estate Companies

Rava Property Group is an experienced property company that provides high-quality, stand-out services for any real estate endeavor. This includes top-notch expertise in analysis, guidance, and negotiation, which are highly valued real estate skills. While Rava Property Group had the knowledge, experience, and unique qualities to differentiate them from other businesses in their industry, they, unfortunately, had an old website that was not serving them, or their customers, well. In an industry that is mostly dependent upon visibility, differentiation, and word of mouth recommendations, an outdated and redundant website is very harmful.

Rava Property Group has a wide-reaching niche to make them a desirable company to work with, assisting customers in every level of real estate. This includes land purchase, land development, construction, and sales. However, without a valuable and relevant website design, they were overlooked at every turn. Bold Eye Media built a new responsive website to showcase what Rava Property Group does for its customers. This website has a great user-interface, provides essential information, and shows visitors exactly why Rava Property Group is the best property company to work with.

Rava Property Group’s new website has provided immense value for the company. Visitor retention and conversion rates have skyrocketed. Potential clients searching for a property company from their mobile devices are able to discover and search the website with ease. Visitors are engaging with content, submitting contact forms, and taking any call to action.


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