Ergo Pro Consulting

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Ergo Pro Consulting is a leading company in ergonomics consulting, led by a Certified Professional Ergonomist with over 30 years of experience. They offer remote ergonomics support for fortune 500 firms, small firms, and individual home workers. While experienced enough to be at the top of their industry, Ergo Pro Consulting did not have a website and needed one in order to showcase their coaching services. Every industry, including the ergonomics industry, had begun utilizing digital resources that gave them visibility and provided a wide reach, and Ergo Pro Consulting was falling behind without a website.

Although Ergo Pro Consulting had the experience and knowledge to stand out in their industry and become a leading expert, the lack of a website kept them from showing up in search engines and having a simple way for leads to learn about them. To combat the problem, Bold Eye Media built a new, responsive website to showcase what Ergo Pro Consulting does for its clients. The new website was user-friendly, interactive, and demonstrated that Ergo Pro Consulting would provide the solutions that potential clients needed.

After Bold Eye Media crafted the perfect website for Ergo Pro Consulting, awareness of their business increased exponentially. The company was represented accurately and relevantly, providing visitors with a positive look at the business, and showcasing them as an expert in the ergonomics industry. Ergo Pro Consulting is now proud to send customers to their website.

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