Dairy Distributing

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Dairy Distributing has been providing the Whatcom County in WA with premium dairy products since 1963.

They proudly supply top-quality staple dairy products such as yogurt, milk, ice cream, butter, cheese, and even eggs to their local community. In fact, their produce helps supply Whatcom County’s restaurants, schools, hospitals, and everyday people with their daily nourishment.

Despite playing an integral and historic part in feeding their community, Dairy Distributing had a website that was outdated and failing to keep up with their growing business demands.

We would have to give this brand the technology and design they needed to succeed and thrive in the current digital marketplace.

Thanks to our collaborative approach, Bold Eye Media was able to build a new, responsive website to showcase all that Dairy Distributing has to offer to its customers and community.

Our new design has the capacity to keep up with the high demand for Dairy Distributing’s products and services. In fact, clients are now able to safely order their dairy and egg products from their home and enjoy local delivery to support them through the Covid-19 lock-down.

Dairy Distributing can now proudly direct their valued customers to a brand new, responsive website that elevates their brand and works harder to give their customers access to necessary staples during a difficult period of lock-down. In fact, they’re able to offer essential local deliveries to their community.

Their new website has a lightning loading speed to ensure great SEO and supports every functionality necessary to offer superior customer experience. It enables Dairy Distributing to scale their reach and extend their service to more members of the community they so proudly support.

Our results are both functional and engaging; but most importantly, they position our client for success both now and in the future.

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