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Let Bold Eye Media Help You Design a Website That Sets You Apart from the Competition.

Landscaping is a fantastic profession. Many people dream of doing what they love in an outdoor setting, but few actually do it. Moreover, landscaping makes a lasting difference in people’s lives and properties. Truly, it’s a field that leaves a positive visible impact and delivers pride from work well done.

However, the truth is that people have a lot of landscaping companies to choose from. And with so many people finding landscaping companies through web searches, it’s easy for the choices to blend together.

Given these circumstances, you need a website for your landscaping business that performs well in web searches and also distinguishes you from the competition while compelling prospective customers to convert. It isn’t just enough to compete anymore; with all the choices available, you have to excel.

At Bold Eye Media, we specialize in website design, and because we have worked with many landscaping businesses as clients, we have a keen sense of the field and what works. Our team of experts will customize the perfect website for your landscaping business and its needs.

What Does Your Business Website Need To Do?

First and foremost, your website has to appear at or near the top of web searches, it has to load quickly and function smoothly, and it needs excellent content.

Bold Eye Media will ensure that all of those things happen, of course. With our expertise in search engine optimization (SEO), graphic design, lead generation, and more, we’ll have you covered.

However, your landscaping website needs more than just functionality, visibility, and ease of following through. So we’ll go beyond the basics and make sure your business website has  features that make a difference with customers.

Specific Website Features

Tell them who you are and why you’re different.

Back to that fact about people having so many choices: you have to tell your audience why they should go with you. How long have you been in business? What’s your level of expertise? What are your connections to the communities you serve? What advantages do you provide that the competition doesn’t? What makes you unique?

Give them the information they need.

Along with slow-loading pages, nothing frustrates potential customers as much as not being able to find the information they’re looking for.

For starters, make it clear what areas you serve. People will not want to spend time on your site or request an estimate if they don’t know right away whether you come out to where they live.  Another benefit of detailing what areas you serve is turning up in searches by people from those areas.

All in one place, the website should specify what services you offer. Drop-down menus and lists are good ways to do this, and you can turn the service listings into clicks taking people to pages with detailed information about those services.

Identify services you specialize in and any services you offer that others don’t. It’s also a good idea to emphasize any services related to the current season. For example, if you offer snow removal and it’s winter, make that prominent since there’s a good chance people are looking for that particular thing.

You might also consider providing information on pricing. No, you can’t provide a detailed, specific estimate this way, and they’ll still have to request that, but most people appreciate having a ballpark idea about hourly rates and price ranges for certain services and features before they proceed.

Give links to customer reviews on independent sites.

Businesses like to feature positive reviews on their sites, and that’s not a bad thing by any means, but there is always a suspicion by some that a business might only be featuring reviews it likes and hiding those it doesn’t. If you can establish that those featured reviews are from sites like Yelp and/or provide links to independent sites where there are reviews of your company, you’ll establish more credibility.

Use before-after images.

Every business tells its website viewers that it’s an industry leader and does the best work. People get that, and so that kind of messaging isn’t as effective on its own as one might think.

A unique way landscaping businesses have of backing up their claims is using photographic evidence. Pictures of finished work are effective, but before-after pictures are even more effective because then people really can see the difference you make.

Let’s Go Bold!

If you’re ready to start building a great landscaping business website that sets you apart from others, establishes your professionalism and reliability, saves money on traditional advertising, and improves lead generation, contact Bold Eye Media today!

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