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Web Design for Home Service Companies Done Right.

Competitors saturate the home service industry, which means you need a website that makes you stand out. Your customers rely on your expertise when it comes to roofing, home repair, plumbing, or other home services but will make snap judgments based on your website.

You have to demonstrate why customers should pick you over the other person, and that’s where having a great website can make the difference. Top-notch web design can mean the difference between too much business or not enough. For a free web consultation contact us here.

How do I get my website started or improved?

There are two methods when considering web design. You can start from scratch and design an entirely new website, or you can redesign the already built infrastructure of an existing website. Both have advantages and disadvantages. For example, if you decide to redesign an already existing website, it will not only be cheaper, but you could salvage some semblance of an existing brand.

Designing your website? Start by calling us!

Starting from scratch or redesigning? You still need to know what you want on your website. Having a general idea will allow our web professionals turn your vision into a reality.

After developing a general idea for your site you should call us. We can offer everything you need for your new site:

  • Expert copywriting that is focused on conversions and contains the best pitches. You need compelling content that drives sales and brings in new customers.
  • Mobile-friendly designs. Keep your site looking great on the go. With a majority of customers owning smartphones, your new site needs a mobile-friendly version.
  • Landing page optimization that only does one thing: convert. We design the best landing pages that flow naturally and lead your customers to the ultimate goal, which is choosing your business.
  • SEO and keywords. Our web designs maximize the possibilities using keywords related to your business, so you’ll always appear on a search.

We are a one-stop shop for web design, and our packages include all of the following:

  • Website hosting, website security, custom website design, coding and development, optimizing SEO, analytics tracking, social media integration, lead generating and tracking, and website compatibility.

Also did we mention you own 100 percent of your website upon completion? And we don’t charge any hidden fees?

Sold on the benefits web design offers your home service business? Contact us and we’ll get to work right away!

Web design may seem intimidating or too much to handle on an already busy plate of a business owner like yourself, but you have recognized the possibilities a great website offers are endless, so why wait? We can get you the shimmering and flawless website you’ve dreamed of for years.

Bold Eye Media is the right choice when it comes to web design. We have experts with years of industry experience that have the right skills to build your site. Our packages are as reasonably priced, with no hidden or extra fees. We’ve worked with businesses of all sizes and industries.

So stop stressing about updating or starting your website today, and give us a call. We can give you the design that speaks to your industry, market, and customers.

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