Tips to Help Businesses During The COVID-19 Pandemic

With the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses have had to make adjustments to how they operate due to the new regulations that have come out. But what does that mean for your marketing and your business operation? Here are some tips to keep your SEO running strong and still be able to connect to your customers.

Follow All Posted Regulations

First and foremost we can’t stress enough how important it is to follow any state and federal regulations. The best way to stay informed is to check out your local news for any operation updates. If you have multiple locations in different towns, make sure you follow both town regulations carefully as they can vary from town to town. It could be a change in open hours or it may limit what services you can offer.

While social media is a great way to get information across, just remember that not everything you read or hear is accurate. Be on the lookout for wrong information and only get news from a source you trust. And we are sorry to say it but beware of scams. Verify everything to make sure your news and any offers are legit and accurate.

Stay Open As Much As You Can

By this, we don’t mean to stay open 24/7. Follow your regulations but operate to your full ability with what is allowed. So you should look at alternate ways to service your customers. Try doing a phone or virtual video services for meetings with your clients. This is especially important for companies in the health industry. Some businesses can utilize having a drive-through or delivery service. Farmers or other similar businesses may want to try an honor system stand to sell fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, or dairy while maintaining social distancing. 

Consider setting up some form of e-commerce while most businesses are not allowing lobbies to be open to the public, or even open at all. It can be as simple as taking orders over the phone using your own credit card machine, or another credit card processing system like Stripe. You could also use Paypal and send out invoices. 

If you have a WordPress site you may consider adding e-commerce functionality to your site. If you do not know how to add e-commerce functionality to your website you can partner with Bold Eye Media. 

Some businesses are able to conduct business as normal by connecting with their clients virtually. Yoga studios have begun to offer virtual classes and medicinal offices are offering virtual meetings with the doctors. The most common tool for this is the Zoom video conferencing platform. 

Communicate With Your Customers

Don’t just disappear because you may be temporarily closed or have reduced operating hours. Keep in contact with your customers and keep them engaged. While Google My Business is also having restricted functions, you can get the essential information out. You can add something to the name of your business to indicate you are doing a delivery or a takeout service that you may have not done before. If you are a Make sure you have the correct phone number or even add a second number for people to reach you. And keep your hours of operation updated with any changes. While new posts are being delayed, the GMB is giving priority to critical health-related businesses and any COVID-19 update messages. Since GMB is restricting posts and reviews, make sure you utilize other listing areas such as Bing and Yelp. 

Your website is a natural place to communicate with your customers. Try things like placing a large banner or a popup giving vital information like new hours or services. Use your blogs to keep people updated on what your business is doing and how you will be operating. Ensure your contact information is correct and that your social media links are easy to find. 

Don’t forget to utilize your social media platforms and your email. This is a quick and easy way to get vital information to your customers and keep them engaged. Use this time to provide educational messages about your business and industry. Run some polls and get your customer’s opinion. Give out a special offer and help your community. 

Be An Extra Good Human Being And Stay Strong!

This pandemic has created changes yes, but that doesn’t mean you need to take a temporary close and make it a permanent close. There are things you can do to keep people interested in your business and keep your marketing going strong. Keep your roots strong in your community and be a helper. If you need help creating a strategy of how to get through this time or what to do next let’s jump on a FREE Web Strategy Call!

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