The way we work and interact with our clients may forever be changed by the results of the current COVID-19 outbreak, and that certainly includes professional coaching services. If you’ve recently had to change your approach to your business, don’t worry you’re not alone. Luckily, as with many other businesses and industries, those selling professional coaching services can lean on digitalization during the transition to a more remote approach. While you’re making the switch from an in-person model to an online one, you can rest assured that this shift will also set up your business for future scalability and growth. Here are our tips for innovating your coaching business in 2020.

Create an Online Course Website:

Whether you’re making the switch simply as a result of the outbreak, or you’ve thought of the idea of scaling your business online in the past, one thing is certain: every coach will sooner or later hit a limit of hours they can work in a single day. That plateau is familiar and dreaded by many professional coaches, as they realize they must change their business model to keep growing. Creating an online course only has to happen once and can educate your clients and generate your income without taking a single minute out of your day.

If you have a certain collection of knowledge or material on a specific topic, why not turn it into an online product that can help you reach a greater audience? For instance, if you’re used to answering certain questions and covering similar topics with lots of your clients, combine that information into a cohesive course. This doesn’t have to interfere with your one-on-one coaching program; it just supplements it and allows you to keep your business going while we’re all social distancing.

Of course, offering an online course requires building it as well as the website which will have to house it. If you’re not sure where to begin, or don’t have too much experience building and promoting websites, don’ worry. Here at Bold Eye Media, we would be happy to assist you in creating and marketing your very own online course website. Our team of professionals can help you every step of the way and answers any of your questions.

Follow up Your Front End Products:

Once you have successfully built an online course and your customers’ trust, you shouldn’t just stop there. The best way to maximize your existing customers and warm leads are to offer both front-end and back-end products. Your front-end product can be an initial online course, which would then qualify your audience to take a more advanced and higher-price offering. Think of your front-end product as a more affordable (or free) way to warm your new audiences to your service, while the back-end will serve as the substantial moneymaker among your returning clientele that is looking to expand their knowledge even further. The back-end product is also called your flagship product and could be anything from high-end coaching lessons to a membership service.

Create a Membership Website:

This brings us conveniently to our next point: You can build a membership website to house all of your current and future clients. The difference between this and just offering stand-alone coaching sessions is that a membership service doesn’t have an end date associated with it. Instead, you’re building a loyal following of clients who trust your brand and are more likely to return and engage with your fresh content. If you have an existing list of loyal clients, consider building this type of website as a virtual meeting space for current and maybe future sessions. Your members can have access to unique and valuable content such as focused group training, pre-recorded content and access to your online courses and material.

Building a membership site will give you the ability to publish fresh training content and your online community. But it’s imperative to have a professional look and a seamless user experience if you want to charge clients money for membership. That is why it’s such a good idea to partner with a knowledgeable professional from the start. Your friendly experts at Bold Eye Media can help you with the creation, launch, and promotion of your new membership website. By taking the guesswork out of building your site and digitally marketing it, we can not only save you effort and time but also money.

Selling Coaching Calls:

For those of us stuck working from home, telecommuting has become a part of everyday life. Why not sell your coaching sessions via phone or virtual video call and get back in touch with your regular clients? Sure, it may require a little bit of getting used to, but your clients will appreciate being able to reconnect and regain a semblance of normalcy in your interactions. Thanks to the numerous advances in technology, you can offer your customers plenty of tools for scheduling and keeping track of your sessions.

You may even choose to combine the two approaches and offer online training content in combination with call services. This all leads back to your choice and preference and how ambitious you want to be with your innovations. Whatever you choose to do, our team at Bold Eye Media can help you with the experience and tools you need to achieve online success and avoid the following common pitfalls.

Pitfalls to Avoid:

While making the change to an online environment, there are a few missteps you might want to avoid. Most of them boil down to these issues.

• Your Target Is Too Broad: You may think it’s advantageous to appeal to a broad audience, but in a digital marketing world, you’re signing up for invisibility. The key is to define a very specific niche audience (or multiple audiences) that would benefit from your coaching services, then target them on a micro-level. By setting your sights too broad, you also risk putting out generic content – which certainly doesn’t sell or gain engagement online.
• Poor Marketing Plan: These are stressful and downright strange times, yet that doesn’t mean that you should skip your launch or marketing plan when it comes to your new business endeavor. While you don’t want to come off tone-deaf with a celebratory marketing plan, you shouldn’t make your online changes quietly without any strategy. Let your future and existing clients know that you’re making your service available in a new way – you might be surprised at their willingness to support you!
• Stopping At One: It doesn’t matter if your first online course is a major success or a perceived flop, you shouldn’t just stop at one! Consistency is key to growing your brand and customer base. If you want to see your business succeed in the digital future, you should keep creating more valuable content to upsell and offer to your prospective clients.

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