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Content marketing is revolutionizing the Bellingham digital advertising space because it allows small businesses a cost-effective way to deploy their advertising concepts across a wide range of digital channels. This levels the competitive playing field and gives small businesses a way to stay competitive against more established corporations with a larger budget.

Thanks to changing trends, your customers no longer have the patience to scroll through various social media channels and navigate multiple links to find what they need. They have come to expect all pertinent information to be available right at their fingertips so they can make a split-second decision about your product or service.

Not only does content marketing naturally draw your reader in through pertinent, engaging information, it also gives you a perfect vehicle to present your offer naturally and as an organic solution to your audience’s existing problem. You get to educate your audience and grow their trust while elevating your brand as a point of authority within your industry and the Bellingham area.

Content is the king of engagement

Bold Eye Media is a Bellingham digital marketing agency proudly dedicated to helping small businesses in Bellingham reach, not only their goals but also their full online potential. We are able to achieve this through content marketing, which – when done right – offers a budget-friendly approach for garnering serious engagement from your audience.

The reason for this is simple: unlike other forms of advertising, which tend to be an annoyance to the audience and cause them to disengage or tune out, content marketing benefits both the audience as well as the source company.

The most important aspect of effective content marketing is conducting in-depth research on your target audience and craft content around their natural interest or pain points. This way, you’re offering free knowledge on the subject, as well as a solution to their problem, all in one place.

By engaging your target audience and drawing them in with valuable content, we’re able to help our clients drive new traffic and retain the user data to further nurture valuable leads.

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High quality, well-written content is just the start, we make sure that your blog content falls in line with your audience’s natural interests and online behavior to capture as much organic traffic and search volume as possible for minimal investment. This not only makes your content more readily visible to interested leads, but establishes a level of authority for your company and website.

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In today’s day and age, your website should be the hub of your business operation, where you welcome new visitors and nurture leads. But if the content on your site is low quality or isn’t optimized for the search engine, it can hurt your brand image and your chances of being found by potential clients.

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