How to build a strong Small Business Website Foundation

We help small businesses build a strong foundation starting with their website. Your small business website is more important than ever considering that it is about 60% of the buying decision. Most potential customers will look at your website before doing business with you. If the website visitor does not like the experience they went go onto the next website. We have about 10 seconds of their time or less from the time they click the link to your website.

So what do I need to build a strong foundation for my small business website?

  1. Sales Strategy
  2. Content
  3. Blogging
  4. Photography
  5. Hosting

#1 Sales Strategy

When you are thinking about the strategy for your site to answer some of these questions.

  1. Who am I selling to?
  2. What are their expectations of a website?
  3. When do they want to schedule an appointment or contact me?
  4. How am I going to capture the lead?

Ask for the sale

The website visitor is probably on your website for a reason so why not ask for the sale? The best way to ask for the sale is with a simple, but effective Call To Action.

Call To Action

You need to have a call to action. Let people know what you want them to do on your website. For example: Schedule your free website consultation now

#2 Content

You need to have good content on your website. I know that it is hard to write about yourself. I recommend to write as much as you possibly can, and then hire a professional to review, and improve upon it to make an awesome finished product. Every page on your website should have a minimum of 300 words. I recommend the same with every blog post.

#3 Blogging

I know that many people are not fans of blogging, but most businesses need to do it. It helps show that you are an authority figure on your topic, and it also helps boost your Search Engine Optimization. Google loves WordPress blog posts. There are many times you will find a post ranking higher than a page.

#4 Photography

The photography that is on your website is just as important as the content. Every photo that is on your website should be high quality and crisp even on bigger screens. Even though most of the website traffic is on mobile there are still visitors on a desktop computer so don’t lose business by only focusing on mobile devices. It is always tempting to do everything yourself as a small business, but sometimes it is best to just hire a professional to do your photography. If you do decide to do it yourself take the time to do high-quality photos that will represent your business a good way. One of the last pieces to remember is don’t upload those full-size photos from your iPhone. They are extremely large files and will start slowing down your website. If you would like to hire a professional for your business photography please click here.

#5 Website Hosting

All too often I come across businesses that have fallen for the cheap hosting option such as Go Daddy. While this ok for some starting out it does not scale very well, and you are not getting the features that your business really needs. There are two main types of hosting options available:

Shared Hosting
  • Shared resources with thousands of other websites on the same server
  • Typically not tuned for WordPress
  • Does not scale very well…
  • Lower security expectations

There is an exception to this rule that I have found to be very helpful as a good starting point for your business. I have referred many to Siteground, which is only 1 of 2 web hosting companies I recommend personally.

Click Here To Learn More About Siteground

Managed Hosting
  • WordPress tuned
  • Add-Ons… SSL, Staging Sites
  • Daily Off-Site Backups
  • Speed
  • High-quality security

My go-to website hosting company for my clients is Flywheel. They are a great example of a Managed WordPress Hosting Company that delivers high-quality services. All of my websites are built on Flywheel, and hosting is included with every website support plan & website.

Click Here To Learn More About Flywheel

Wrapping Up

Your small business website is not a set it and forget it type of thing. If your website is on WordPress then you need to be keeping it up to date to prevent any security vulnerabilities or conflicts. Besides keeping your website up to date you need to be keeping your content fresh every month with new articles, content, photography to keep traffic coming to the site. If all of this feels overwhelming to have to keep up with then I would love to talk with you about taking that stress away.

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