Have A Backup Plan

What if you were updating your website, and a plugin crashed your site? Some people may think my website isn’t worth much. You can put a price tag on every Website. Yes, there are Websites that are worth more than others. It is about what your time is worth. You spent hours/weeks/months working on your site and its content. That is definitely worth something!

Recommended Website Hosting Companies

  1. Flywheel – Highly Recommended
  2. Siteground – Grow Big Plan

Each of these Hosting Companies have the following qualifications: FREE SSL Certificates, Daily Backups, Built-In Security, Server Side Caching. There are many great things about each of these hosting options, but those are my minimum qualifications.

What if you are on a website host that does not offer backups?

Well first I would tell you to consider a switch to a better hosting company. If this is something that you don’t want to do there are options.

  • Option1: Hope nothing breaks. This is not a very good option.
  • Option2: Find a backup plugin to backup your site. There are tons of plugins for backups, but I have a select few that I recommend to clients.

Here are a couple of Backup Plugin Options that I prefer

  1. VaultPress – Starting @ $3.95/month for unlimited space. Higher plans include more features including real time backups. Learn More
  2. Updraftplus – FREE plugin that actually works very well! Many storage options & easy restore function. Learn More

I chose these two, because they are easy to use and work very well ! Both of these options have a 1-Click Restore feature, which is very important because not everyone knows what files to restore or how to do that. VaultPress is #1 in my book, because they offer unlimited storage space! Why is that important? If you use Dropbox or another service to store backups that space can be filled pretty quickly! These are just 2 recommended options that are out there. You have to choose which one is right for you, and your business. Remember you are paying for piece of mind knowing your website is backed up. If you would like a FREE option then UpdraftPlus will work just fine as long as you have the storage option to handle it.

When do I need to backup my site?

It all depends on how active you are with your website. If you are writing blog posts daily or adding content daily, then I would say do it daily. For those who do not post or add content daily, then I would say weekly.

Backup Before Updating Plugins & WordPress Core!!

If there is one thing that I recommend the most is that you backup before updating plugins & WordPress Core! It is not very common that your site will break, but crazy things do happen and can sometimes break sites. If you go ahead and make a backup before doing these updates, then the worst thing that can happen is you have to restore to that restore point. The down side is that if you do not use server side backups then restoring your site will be a little bit more tricky.

Server Side Backups with your hosting company! They are worth every penny!

Say one day you are on your site and runs some updates, and your site completely breaks!! Well yes that Backup Plugin will store it offsite, but how easy is it to restore ? While VaultPress makes it pretty stress free the other option requires some technical knowledge. If your site breaks and you use backups through your hosting company then all you gotta do is go press a button to make your site come back!


You may not want to think about the doomsday when your site breaks, but you need to prepare in case it happens! If you do not have a backup solution think about what your site is worth, and then go get a backup solution.


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