Does Your Website Sell ?

Small Business Websites Tend To Not Sell Effectively

One of the first problems that I almost always come across when auditing a website is No Call To Action. As a business owner you are used to selling in person, but not online. When you have a website for your small business it is like an employee that is working & representing your company 24/7! The real question is if your website is selling ? Are you asking for the sale ?

Create A Sense Of Urgency

You only have the attention of your website visitor for about 7 seconds after the website loads. Think about what is the ultimate thing you want your website visitor to do? Do you want them to schedule an appointment? Do you want them to call you?

Ask For The Sale

How are you asking for the sale? An easy example is.. ” Schedule Your Free Consultation Today.” If you are not asking for the sale you may be confusing your website visitors. Your website visitors may be coming to your website & thinking well it’s a cool website, but I am not sure what I am supposed to do. Make it obvious that your intent is to have them schedule an online appointment or call now.

Make It Easy To Capture The Sale

If you are selling your products or services online make sure it easy to book an appointment, buy your product or service. The harder you make the checkout process the more likely you are to lose the sale.

So Is Your Website Selling For You?

Review the points above and figure out if your website is actually selling for you. If you are having trouble with what to do next or how to sell online let’s chat.




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