Hosting: You get what you pay for!

There are many factors when choosing a good hosting company for your WordPress website. There are even hosts like Flywheel who only do WordPress websites, and that makes their support that much better. Many people choose easy options like Go Daddy because they see the commercial and see the cheap prices! Have you ever heard of that saying you get what you pay for? Well, website hosting is no different! Here are some of the factors when choosing a hosting company for your WordPress website:


There are many different price points available for website hosting and each of them is suited for different applications. You will find there are hosting options for as little as $1.99/month up to $100+/month. There is actually a huge difference between the cheap one and what some may consider expensive one. The first thing you want to consider is what is the value of my website and it’s content? How much will I be losing if my website goes down?


Many shared hosting packages can leave your website slow and miserable especially during peak times of the day. Managed WordPress hosting helps increase your page speed through caching and managed optimization.


WordPress websites are being hacked every day, but mainly because they are not being maintained or they do not have any security. Managed WordPress hosting comes with security built it along with hosts like Flywheel who have partnered with Let’s Encrypt to offer free SSL Certificates with every website!


Life happens and the same goes for your website. There will eventually be a time where something crashes and you then realize your have no backup system. Managed WordPress hosting includes daily backups and also manual backups whenever needed.

Who do I use?

At the moment I am using Flywheel and I cannot be happier! They have amazing support and all they do is WordPress so you know they are good at it! I especially enjoy additional features like Demo Sites.

Is there an inexpensive option that you recommend?

Yes, I would recommend Siteground since they offer FREE SSL Certificates with every website through Let’s Encrypt. They also offer FREE Daily backups, but you have to get the GrowBig Plan if you want to have them store more than one backup. It is important to keep backups for more than one day in case something happens. I do also like the fact that they will do FREE Website transfers, and transfer your site over to Siteground for you!

Are there other good options available?

Yes, there are many great options out there that I have personally not tried but heard good things about.


Who have I used before?

In the past I have used: Hostgator, Go Daddy and 1&1. Every host has it’s up and downs, but I found each one to not be strong and fast enough to hold a robust website. Go Daddy has definitely made some improvements, but I still think I will stick with the fast and efficient Flywheel hosting!


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